St. John’s Archeological Site
Historic St. Mary’s City
St. Mary’s, Maryland

The banks of the St. Mary’s River in southern Maryland contain the remains of one of the earliest English-speaking settlements in the new world. Here, during the early years of the 17th Century, English immigrants at first transplanted British traditions but slowly adapted to the Tidewater environment. Main Street provided interpretive experience planning and design for a purpose-built museum that preserves this remarkable site. Working closely with archaeologists, historians and educators we created environments that seamlessly integrate architecture and exhibit design and engage guests in active exploration and discovery. Centered around the excavated foundations of the St. John’s Great House, specific aspects of the archaeological dig serve as touchstones, leading visitors through a series of artifact displays, replicas and recreations, audiovisual programming and interactive multimedia, ultimately revealing powerful links between past and present and the surprisingly contemporary legacies of early Maryland settlers.

Project Partners

Bohlin Cywinski Jackson
Hadley Exhibits
exhibit fabrication
Donna Lawrence Productions
audiovisual and multimedia