Habitat Hollow
Columbus Zoo and Aquarium
Columbus, Ohio

The Columbus Zoo asked Main Street to introduce younger visitors to the wonders of nature and help them understand their role in preserving it. Working with zoo staff, we created an immersive illustrated fantasy world which comes to life as visitors move through it. Set in and around a familiar suburban house, Habitat Hollow contains countless surprises, as well as a powerful message about individual responsibility for environmental conservation. Visitors discover that this human home is actually inhabited by wild creatures. In the entry foyer nesting animals peek out of coat pockets and boots and a snake curls from the light fixture. The living room contains three-dimensional storybook versions of marsh, woodland, and grassland habitats, prompting young guests to think about the meaning of “home.” In the bedroom, the threat of pollution takes the form of a bad dream, while in the adjacent kitchen we find more positive options: recipes and ingredients for effective conservation action.


Project Partners

PJA Architects and Landscape Architects
architecture and landscape architecture
The Larson Company
exhibit fabrication
Chris Sheban