Grizzly Ridge
Akron Zoo
Akron, Ohio

Main Street provided planning and design of interpretive experiences for the Akron Zoo’s newest exhibit, featuring temperate and cold climate North American species. Within an overarching interpretive framework that celebrates exploration and observation of nature, guests are invited to experience the world from an animal’s perspective. Soar Like an Eagle enables us to learn first-hand how large raptors use thermal updrafts to glide without flapping their wings. Slide Like an Otter lets younger visitors slide down an acrylic tunnel through the actual otter pool, literally placing themselves in the exhibit while learning how and why otters “play,” and about the amazing properties of their wetsuit-like fur. Wild Treasures located intermittently along the main pathway reveal “secrets and surprises” as they might be found in nature: animal tracks leading away from sculpted scat; bark beetle tunnels on a fallen log, or a salamander hiding beneath a rock.

Project Partners

WDM Architects
architecture and animal exhibit design
Hasenstab Architects
architecture and landscape architecture